Where is mondomaniatrics.com?

Consider this a re-branding.

‘Mondomaniatrics’ was a nonsensical mish-mash name that I made up a decade ago. When I registered for my first web host, the trend at the time (and today, apparently) was to think of esoteric words that sounded odd, but still held a mote of resemblance to the guiding principle of your business’s mission statement. I liked the name ‘Mondo’. It meant something outstanding or edgy. But, that domain was taken. ‘MondoMania’ was a good alternative; perhaps the psychological state induced by something that was ‘Mondo’. That was taken, too. So my 22-year-old brain surmised that adding ‘trics’ to the end sounded cool, ┬álike it was some quirky unit of measurement for the psychological state induced by something ‘Mondo’!

That was a stupid idea. Buyer’s remorse set in about a month later. What actually happened was that I’d invented a word that no one knew how to pronounce, took six syllables to say, and was difficult to coherently mash into the little boxes on paper forms where people would ask for my email address. Call me stubborn, but I stuck with it. Desperate to prove that it was all worth while.

Well, the times are a-changing. After 10 years, I’m no longer the person I used to be. I’m touch-typing this message for one. Married. And my daughter is starting pre-school tomorrow. I went back to school to get a degree in CS. I gave up web design to pay the bills. I gave up a career in art and animation for a career in programming.┬áStarting over from scratch seems to have become the new black.

I’m a game developer now. It’s a nice mix of art and code. The pay is low and the hours suck, but it’s a good fit. I guess it’s just a matter of time until I start seeing some success.

This time around, I’m going to treat this blog in a more professional manner. I have a Facebook account, which is where all of the personal news will stay.